Multi-Acid™ Blended Acid Detergent/Descaler | 25L & 200L

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Multi-Acid is a blended acid detergent/descaler, combining the benefit of blended acids to give more effective results in the many cleaning applications.

  • A nitric and phosphoric acid blend.
  • Rapid, efficient scale removal.
  • Non-foaming formulation.
  • Suitable for use in robotic parlours.
  • Economical acid 'night wash'.
  • Effective ABW cleaner also ideal for CIP cleaning
  • Also suitable for removing limescale from plastic game rearing equipment
  • Provides rapid and effective scale removal even at an economical 1% solution in cold water.

Evans Vanodine has almost 100 years' experience in the manufacture of chemicals. The company is renowned for its strictly defined procedures within the quality control laboratory and throughout the manufacturing process, complemented by highly qualified and experienced product development chemists and microbiologists.

Multiacid is available in: 25 Litres and 200L

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