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Maxiflo Pressure Reducer

SKU: IMP50034110


Designed to be a one step reduction in water pressure reducing mains water pressure to a low enough flow for low pressure drinking systems. The Maxiflo can cope with a wide range of inlet pressure fluctuations and the large diaphragm area gives it a particularly sensitive characteristic essential in many installations where fine control of outlet pressure is required. Systems fitted with the Maxiflo effectively reduce water wastage particularly in the event of a leak.

Requires a 20mm female fitting for the inlet and a 25mm female fitting for the outlet.

IMP50034-110 - 6001  Outlet pressure range = 1/4 psi to 3 psi     

IMP50034-108 - 6002  Outlet pressure range = 3/4 psi to 8 psi     

IMP50034-109 - 6003 - Outlet Pressure range = 1 1/2 psi to 13 psi 

Click here to view and download The Maxiflo Pressure Regulator Information Sheet

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