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Lift (25L) - Cleaner


£45.90 Ex. VAT
£55.08 Inc. VAT

Lift is a heavy duty, cleaner and de-greaser which can be used on a variety of surfaces. Suitable to be used as a rearing shed or kennel cleaner, or where animals are present.

  • Un-perfumed / Odour-free
  • Approved for ALTRO flooring
  • Can be used on heavily soiled areas
  • Residue free

Used with great success in hound kennels due to the superb de-greasing and odour free properties as well as kitchens as it is made to food industry standards

Use 1:50 (200ml per 1 litre of hot water) for very heavy soiling and grease
Use 1:250 (4ml per 1 litre of hot water) for general cleaning

Suitable for mopping, spraying or wiping

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