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Cerem Infraconic 1500 Brooder (inc 2.5m pipe & 2x clips)

  • £160.50

Cerem Infraconic 1500 Gas Brooder - For use in poultry farming for broiler, turkey, quail, partridge. Also used in the pig farming sector for the fattening stage.

  • Type of gas: Propane
  • Manual control of temperature via a valve.
  • Propane 300mbar
  • 430 to 1450W
  • 31 to 105g/h

This is the ideal solution for use in small and medium-sized applications and can cater for between 150 - 500 birds. For more birds (600-1500) we recommend the Cerem Infraconic 5000

There are many advantages to this heater including dual pressure gas jets, high and low and a knock out air filter.

PLEASE NOTE THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE THE PRESSURE REGULATOR - If you require a regulator click here. 

Please call for quantity discounts.

Cerem Infraconic Brooders are known for their quality and reliability but should you need any spares we stock a wide range of spares for the Cerem Brooders. If you are unsure what part you need, call and speak to one of the knowledgeable team - 01258 818239



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