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Welcome to the Quill Productions website. Quill Productions  is a supplier of innovative products and services for farming, horticulture, game keeping and smallholders.  Our product portfolio includes hygiene & biosecurity products, farming supplies, game rearing equipment and poultry supplies.  

Farm Supplies

Our farming supplies product range at Quill productions includes accessories and equipment for dairy, sheep, pig and beef cattle farmers.  Our comprehensive product range includes biosecurity products, dairy spares, hoof care products, udder health and hygiene products, dairy and parlour chemicals, fencing supplies and work clothing.

For effective foot and hoof care, we believe that the Hoof-fit products, developed by Intracare, are unbeatable. The antibiotic -free range of Hoof-fit products allow claw problems, such as digital dermatitis, to be managed in a more effective, healthier and sustainable way.  All have been developed in close cooperation with dairy farmers, veterinarians, hoof-trimmers and cattle specialists and have been thoroughly field tested. Not only is Hoof-fit antibiotic free, it can actually be more effective at treating digital dermatitis than the antibiotics that many have come to rely on and avoids the risk of resistance build-up. Official tests by the Dutch animal Health Centre proved that Hoof-fit Gel is 1.57 times more effective than the antibiotic CTC spray at treating digital dermatitis.

The Intra Hoof-fit range comprises of:

Hoof-fit Gel - A highly effective and adhesive gel for individual treatment.  Proven to be more effective than antibiotic CTC spray.

Hoof-fit Spray Liquid - To treat groups of animals through spraying.

Hoof-fit Bath Liquid - Specially developed for preventative treatments. 

Repiderma - Skin Protection spray for cattle, horses, sheep and pigs.

Game Rearing Equipment

At Quill Productions, we offer an established and comprehensive selection of game keeping and game rearing products.  Our game rearing supplies include game feeders, drinkers, brooders, rearing accessories, biosecurity products, game feed, health care products and cover crops.

The Quill Drinker is our original nipple drinker, providing clean hygienic water for pheasants, chicken, turkeys, duck and other game birds.  We also supply a range of other pheasant drinkers and chicken drinkers, including the rainbow cavalier drinker.

To get your chicks off to the best start, choose from our Game bird tonics, boosters and vitamins including our own Quill Boost Tonic.  Pheasants that have been reared with Quill Boost Tonic have shown impressive results, with reduced mortality rates and a boost in growth and development.

When it comes to pheasant feeders, we have a wide selection to choose from.  For chicks, we offer chick paper, chick trays and our own disposable cardboard chick feeders.  As your birds grow, our versatile Quill Midi feeder can be adapted from use indoor in a rearing shed, to use outdoors in a release pen.  The outdoor Quill Midi Feeder is a weatherproof pheasant feeder that holds two bags of feed and provides shelter for game birds as they feed. Alternatively, the Quill Feed Bin Kit converts a 45 gallon metal drum into a weatherproof feeder for pheasants, poultry, duck and partridge. 

To fill your pheasant feeder, we offer Top Gun Game Feed, produced by GLW Feeds.  The range of game feeds that we offer includes chick crumbs, micro pellets, mini pellets, grower pellets and breeder pellets, for pheasants, partridge and duck.  Top Gun Game Feeds provide excellent service and delivery.

Poultry Supplies

In the poultry supplies range at Quill Productions you will find a comprehensive selection of chicken supplies, including chicken feeders, poultry netting, health care, bedding, egg equipment and chicken drinkers.  Whether you are a small holder with a few chickens, or a large scale poultry producer you will find a range of poultry accessories and equipment to suit your needs. 

Keeping your chickens in excellent condition is important.  To keep your birds healthy, choose from our wide range of poultry health care and pest control products including poultry tonics, vitamins and red mite control products.

High levels of biosecurity play an essential part in maintaining the well being of your poultry. Choose from a collection of effective cleaners, disinfectants and water sanitisers to minimise the risk of poor health.

Biosecurity in Horticulture

Our commitment to providing innovative solutions and products to different industries led us directly to the horticultural industry; an industry where a knowledge of water hygiene can be invaluable.

As sole importers of Intracare products to the United Kingdom, we are introducing the Horticultural industry to Intra Hydrocare; a unique product with many potential benefits for growers.   Intra Hydrocare is a triple-effect hygiene product  based on 50% hydrogen peroxide and chelated silver.

  • Disinfectant – Kills micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, algae, yeasts and viruses

  • Cleaner – Removes bio-film from irrigation systems (often the cause of microbial infections)

  • Produces oxygen – Produces O² in the water and soil, ensuring aeration of the root (hairs)


Intra Hydrocare is a safe and environmentally-friendly product with many benefits for growers.

Quill Productions also supplies a range of pest control solutions for the horticultural industry. Pyrethrum 5EC is an effective, natural and organic insecticide which can be used on all edible and non edible plants.

Cleaners and Disinfectants

Cleaners and disinfectants are an important part of the biosecurity and hygiene product range at Quill Productions.  We offer a selection of cleaning products, detergents, disinfectants and disinfection equipment, specialised for agricultural and horticultural industries.  The range includes dairy chemicals, farm disinfectants, water sanitisers, foaming cleaners and general purpose biosecurity products for farming, game rearing and horticulture.

Vermin Control and Pest Control

Our comprehensive selection of vermin and pest control products includes solutions for a wide range of industries, including agriculture, game rearing, horticulture and food processing.  Many of our pest and vermin control products are also suitable for small holders and individual users.

For the irradiation of flies, insects, parasites and red mite, we offer a range of fumers, insecticides, pesticides, fly killers and larvicides.  Once such product, the Fortefog fumer, offers a safe and simple pest solution for domestic use, animal houses, farm buildings and chicken houses. For defence against flies, midges and other biting or sucking insects, Neem Pro Riddance  is excellent for cattle, horses, sheep, goats and domestic animals.

To control rats, mice, squirrels and other vermin, choose from our range of spring traps, mouse traps, snares, mole scissor traps, rat traps, snap traps.  The Quill Vermin Trap Box, designed to hold a Mark 4 Fenn Trap, is a safe and effective way to catch rats, squirrels, stoats and weasels. An alternative to trapping is the use of rodenticides, such as rat baits and mouse and rat poison.  Vertox Rolled Oat Bait is an extremely popular and effective choice for controlling a rat problem.

Electric Fencing and Fencing Supplies

Fencing is essential for keeping your livestock or birds safe and secure.  We have a wide range of fencing supplies and electric fencing equipment to build and maintain whatever fence you require. Our comprehensive range of electric fencing products includes batteries, fencers, electric tape, fencing stakes and polywire.  We also offer a variety of netting including wire netting, electric poultry netting, sheep netting and flexi net. 


Top Products

On/Off Saddle Connector
On/Off Saddle Connector
Our price (exc. VAT): £1.65
Intra Hoof-fit Tape
Intra Hoof-fit Tape
Our price (exc. VAT): £0.98
Hose nut and Spigot
Hose nut and Spigot
Our price (exc. VAT): £0.28
Quill Feed Bin Kit Cone
Quill Feed Bin Kit Cone
Our price (exc. VAT): £2.86
Quill Valve
Quill Valve
Our price (exc. VAT): £6.20