The Quill Garden Drinker Pole

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Decorative yet sturdy feeder pole. Two ornate hook arms for hanging feeders or drinkers together with a grounding spike which allows the pole to be easily erected and maintain stability in the ground.

The decorative spiral detail bird feeder pole is perfect is perfect for use with the Quill Squirrel Baffle and Garden Bird Drinker

The History of the Quill Garden Bird Drinker:

Garden birds carry many diseases, which are often transmitted by drinking from contaminated water. Even if bird baths are disinfected on a daily basis it is inevitable that birds will mess and regurgitate saliva into the water, passing any infection on to other birds. The death of these birds can be prevented with good hygiene practice.

The Quill Garden Bird Drinker eliminates the contamination of drinking water by regurgitated salvia. It is an excellent invention for seed-eating birds as their dry diets mean they need more water than insectivorous birds, many of whom get most of their water from food. 

This complete feeding and drinking system will revolutionise the way you look after garden birds and provide you satisfaction in the knowledge that you are offering them hygienic drinking water.