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The Quill 150 Trap Box has been moulded using a stone colour plastic blended with fish food which not only creates an attractive smell to rodents but blends into the surrounding environments. Perfect for magnetising the likes of rats, squirrels and stoats. 


The Quill 150 Trap is the first trap box to have a safety catch on the outside of the box allowing you to hold back the trap safely using a clip.

This double entry trap box which has been designed in conjunction with industry bodies, in accordance with the new legislation.

Key features of the trap box:

  • Plastic is impregnated with fish food to improve catching rate
  • Stone grey to look natural in surroundings 
  • Ideal for rats, squirrels and stoats.
  • Made from strong, durable plastic keeping the integrity of the metal trap which usually would dissolve in peaty soil.
  • Lid is secured with an Allen Key (not included) for health and safety - prevents the general public from accessing the trap.


The Quill 150 Trap Box works in conjunction with both the Quill 150 Spring Trap and the DOC 150 Spring Trap which can be added on to your order or ordered separately by following the links below:

To order the Quill 150 Spring Trap, click here.

To order the DOC 150 Spring Trap, click here.


When ordering the 150 Trap Box and 150 traps, if you would like us to secure the trap within the box, please add this into the notes section of your order. 



 Quantity discounts are available, please enquire on 01258 818239.

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