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Target Acid Foam (25L) - Cleaner


£61 Ex. VAT
£73.20 Inc. VAT

A powerful acidic foam cleaner, able to descale and remove limescale caused by hard water. 

  • A phosphoric acid based cleaner with surfactants.
  • Can be applied through a pressure washer using either hot or cold water.
  • A clear liquid, odourless formulation which also helps to de-stain. 
  • Produces a thick stable acidic foam, which ensures maximum contact time.
  • Particularly effective on water scale and protein build-up because of the advanced blend of biodegradable surfactants.
  • Suitable for all slaughterhouse & meat processing factories
  • Mixes readily with water
  • Rapid removal of organic soiling
  • Suitable for hard and soft water

How to use:-  Apply Target Acid Foam solution through a steam cleaner or power washer, cover the entire surfaces to be cleaned and allow to soak in for a minimum of 10 minutes to effect maximum penetration and soil removal. Rinse off with clean water & high pressure. Where possible, use hot water from 40°C to 60° for best results. 

Dilution rate:- Pressure washing/foam cleaning: Use from 4 to 6 %v/v depending on soil level. For manual cleaning: Use 2%v/v solution in hot water

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