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TSR 200 Vehicle Wash (25L) - Cleaner


£41.60 Ex. VAT
£49.92 Inc. VAT

T.S.R 200 (Traffic Soil Remover) is a concentrated power wash for use with all types of high-pressure power wash machines.

  • Quick and effective cleaning action.
  • Powerful, extra strength, heavy duty detergent to use with all types of high pressure power wash machines.
  • Removes road film and soiling from the bodywork of heavy goods vehicles, coaches, buses, tractors, pick ups and shoot vehicles
  • Suitable for curtain sided vehicles.
  • Highly recommended for power washing floors and walls in general industry.
  • Economical to use, concentrated formulation.
  • Ideal for removing heaving soiling from plant machinery and equipment.

25 Litres

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