Stenner FP Dosing Pump (25mm water pipe fittings)

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The best pump on the market, suitable for a wide range of dosing needs from poultry, pigs, dairy, game birds or even horticulture.  Reliable, accurate and able to work at low or high flow rates.

The most accurate and reliable system in the range.  Capable of dosing between 3% solutions down to 1:20000 (0.005%).

The Stenner pump does not require a stock solution to be made - simply switch on, set the ratio on the pump and walk away!

If you are looking for a compact proportional metering system for the automatic dosing of chemicals into all types of water systems, then the Econ FP may be your answer. Disinfection, pH control and oxidation are some of the water treatments that we currently provide, treating water proportionally to the water system's flow rate is often a preferred method.

The Econ FP pump will require a dry contact water meter to function. Additional features include a flow indicator for verifying the solution is pumping. The Econ FP is self-priming with no loss of prime due to gaseous solutions.

Stenner's Unique Features

  • Almost effortless tube replacement, without tools, with the patented quick release pump head.
  • The design allows convenient accessibility.

How It Works

The Econ FP is a multi-functional pump with three operating modes. When installing the Econ  FP; select the mode displayed as SECONDS on the digital control pad. The pump accepts a dry contact signal from the water meter and the pump runs for a set amount of time for each signal received.

There are five operating time ranges displayed, the maximum pump operating time is adjustable from 10% to 100%.

1 SECOND = 0.1 to 1.0

5 SECONDS = 0.5 to 5.0

10 SECONDS = 1.0 to 10.0

20 SECONDS = 2.0 to 20.0

60 SECONDS = 6.0 to 60.0

Stenner Econ FP Pump. The Stenner Econ FP pump is designed to dose precise quantities of product in response to discreet pulses from a pulse water meter. (Supplied separately).

 As each pulse from the water meter represents a known flow of water, the Stenner can be set to dose a quantity of product that is proportional to the water flow.

The Stenner is particularly suited to dosing small quantities of products into water flows where the water line pressure may be up to 5 bar (70psi).

 More accurate than a medigator type pump it features:-

  •  A 3 pinch point pump head for better accuracy and decreased chance of unwanted seepage into the water line
  • Brushless motor, requires less maintenance
  • Quick change pump head making it easy to change rates of use
  • Flow indicator to add to consumer confidence.
  • Eliminates the need for mixing stock solution.
  • The Stenner Econ FP is extremely accurate, even at low dosages and without the need for the delicate (and costly to replace) flow sensors found in some other dosers.
  • The Stenner Econ FP can easily be adapted to work in remote areas such as game release pens and outdoor pig production areas
  • Works up to 5.5bar (70psi)
  • Comes with 2 different tubes so suitable for a wide range of flow rates. We ourselves have used from 3% to 1:20000 on our own farm
  • Easy to program LCD display
  • Will dose organic acids


** Not suitable for use with IntraAerosol**


Please note that the pump does not come with the water pump, pipe or products shown in the example photograph set ups.

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