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S.B.T Liquid is a highly effective caustic detergent cleaner for slat, basket and tray washing adding another layer to farm biosecurity.

Use for easy cleaning of portable equipment even on heavily soiled slats in pig, poultry and game industries or for plastic baskets and trays.  For soaking or in automated washers. 

  • High alkaline Sodium Hydroxide detergent for heavily soiled applications
  • Heavily sequestered - effective in hard or soft water
  • Ideal for dipping slats, baskets and trays 
  • Very effective product which often will allow for multiple dippings
  • Designed not to produce excessive foam in automated washers
  • Mixes easily and rinses freely
  • 4 x 25l should be sufficient for a standard 16,000 layer unit
  • Not for use on aluminium
  • 25 Litres

SLAT CLEANING: Dip slats in a solution of 25 litres of SBT Liquid per 1000 litres of water, making sure all the surfaces come into contact with the solution. Rinse off with clean water

HATCHERY BASKET & CHICK TRAY CLEANING: Clean hatchery baskets & chick trays with a solution of SBT Liquid at 0.5% v/v with a maximum temperature of 55C, making sure all the surfaces come into contact with the solution. Rinse off with clean water.

Using our defra approved disinfectants we write individual free protocols to aid farm biosecurity, please call us for details.

Click Here For Safety Data Sheet

Please note: we are unable to ship liquids and aerosols overseas due to the current Government Safety Regulations. Customers from the Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland please enquire!



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