Quill Vermin Trap Box including MK4 Fenn Spring Trap

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The Quill Vermin Trap Box is manufactured by Quill in Dorset from high density plastic to create a strong and durable rat trap box, impregnated with fishmeal to encourage vermin. This item INCLUDES the MK4 Fenn Spring Trap.

It is a longer lasting alternative to traditional wooden trap boxes and this item includes a MK 4 Fenn Trap, so you can set the trap and start catching as soon as your item arrives.

Importantly, the unique side-loading design makes setting the spring trap easier and safer. 

The green coloured trap can be surrounded by soil and undergrowth to camouflage with its surroundings.

Ideal for use with the Quill Feeder Stand, specially designed to be compatible with the Quill Vermin Trap Box, providing a sturdy base for feeders.


Advantages of the Quill Vermin Trap Box:

  • The unique side-loading design makes setting the spring trap easier and safer
  • The unique design ensures that squirrels are only trapped by the head or neck resulting in rapid and humane dispatch
  • Can be left green or surrounded by soil to aid camouflage
  • Cost effective – Long lasting, re-usable, no costly poisons
  • The trap can be opened and closed using an Allen key, increasing safety
  • The Quill Vermin Trap Box is dark and weatherproof and so attractive to squirrels and rats
  • Can be washed, stored and transported easily
  • Can be safely used in pheasant rearing locations
  • Smaller species, such as mice and voles are unlike to trigger or become caught in the trap.

The 60mm diameter entrance holes deter animals larger than a squirrel or rat from entering

Code of Conduct for Trapping Pest Mammals


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