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Quill Drinker Natural - Turkey

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Quill Drinker Natural - For Turkeys

The Quill Drinker automatically refills using the Quill valve which keeps water in the drinker at a constant level. The level of the water in the drinker can be raised using small adjustments to the valve. The higher the water level in the drinker the higher the flow rate of the 10 nipples.

A unique feature of the Quill valve is its ability to shut off and avoid the potential risk of flooding. No other valve on the market has this feature. The Quill Drinker is made of robust HDPE plastic for longevity and new for 2007 are 360° nipples.

The Quill Drinker Natural is designed for use indoor for 200/250 birds.

The Quill Drinker comes complete with the Quill valve and a hanging cord.

Also available in Green for outdoor use.

Click here for Care Guide for the Quill Drinker

Approved by Defra and Freedom Food the Quill Drinker can dramatically enhance the life of all poultry. Chicks get off to a great start taking to the nipples almost immediately and with no cross contamination through the drinking water gut development is unhindered.

Trials have proved that providing birds with water on the range can significantly improve the bird's health as well as your profits. The Quill Drinker is the ONLY nipple system that oscillates whilst in use reducing boredom and therefore feather pecking in all ages and types of game bird.

Turkey NIPPLE (IMP10010) = Flow Rate: up to 250ml per minute

360deg Side-action. Our own design, and the highest flow rate nipple in the world. Nobody can claim ever again that their birds won't get enough water through nipples.

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