Quill DOC Trap Box & Trap

  • £49.00

A double entry trap box with the DOC 150 Spring Trap included which has been designed in conjunction with industry bodies, in anticipation of upcoming new legislation. If using before this time one entrance must be blocked making it single entry. The trap box cannot be jumped and internal fixed baffles position the vermin directly over the trap to ensure a clean kill.

  • Ideal for rats, squirrels and stoats.
  • Made from strong, durable plastic keeping the integrity of the metal trap which usually would dissolve in peaty soil.
  • Plastic is impregnated with aniseed oil to improve catching rate.
  • Trap is secured to the base of the box, ensuring operator safety.
  • Lid is secured with an Allen Key for health and safety - prevents the general public from accessing the trap.

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Stone coloured box available for use in stone walls or moorland trapping

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