Peroxy Disinfectant 5KG

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Peroxy disinfectant is a highly effective DEFRA approved farm powder disinfectant for fighting bacteria, viruses and fungi and is suitable for use as a game, poultry, pig or dairy disinfectant.

This powder disinfectant, once diluted in water can be used in aerial, surface, water system or fogging. 


  • Dilute Peroxy to 1:200 for Avian Influenza
  • Effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Effective in hard water, low temperatures and heavy soiling
  • Non-tainting and non-staining
  • DEFRA approved farm disinfectant
  • Economical to use 1:100 general dilution rate
  • Ideal farm disinfectant for use in intensive livestock housing
  • Ideal for use in bio security measures, such a boot dips.

Peroxy disinfectant powder comes in a 5KG tub.

Proven effective against the pathogens that are responsible for Newcastle Disease, Staphylococcus and Mycoplasma etc.

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Evans Vanodine has almost 100 years' experience in the manufacture of chemicals. The company is renowned for its strictly defined procedures within the quality control laboratory and throughout the manufacturing process, complemented by highly qualified and experienced product development chemists and microbiologists.


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