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Outdoor King Feeder



The Outdoor King Feeder is a portable small feeder with rain cover to protect pellets or grain from the elements. 

  • Suitable for hens or chickens, pheasants, partridge and ducks.
  • Feed pan size of 48cm
  • Capacity of up to 25KG - around 1 bag of feed.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for backyard hen flocks, game farms, small holders and for use in release pens
  • Comes with an anti-scratch ring

Our top tip is to place the feeder on a stand, it helps to cut down on food wastage as the birds are less able to scratch out the feed.  Plus the feed is less likely to get spoilt by muddy wet conditions if the feeder is placed on a stand

For large flocks of birds either on pens, release pens or game strips, you may wish to consider the Quill Outdoor Midi Feeder which with a capacity of approximately 50KG, cuts down on the chore of regular feeding.

Spares are available. Anti-Scratch Ring included with Outdoor King Feeder only or available to buy separately for Indoor King Feeder.

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