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Kwik Fix 15KG


£71.55 VAT Free
£71.55 VAT Free

A flexible game cover crop which can be used to patch failed spring game covers. A mix of fodder radish and white mustard, the mustard increases the cover element and the fodder radish prolongs the cover period. 

This mixture wont provide full season cover but it is more winter hardy than straight white mustard.

Mix contains:-

  • 80% Fodder radish
  • 20% white mustard

Sowing rate: - 12kg/ha by drill, 15kg/ha be broadcast

Sowing date:- July - end of September

Utilisation period:- September - December

Duration of the crop:- 1 season

Pack size:- 15 kg (other sizes are available by phone)

Treatment:- untreated

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