Intra Power Foam

Intra Powerfoam - Cleaner

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Intra Power Foam is a high foaming alkaline farm prewash for all livestock housing from game birds to pig and poultry. Use as farm prewash foam, the heavy duty formulation is designed to tackle the most stubborn levels of soiling in all livestock housing.  It can be applied via a pressure washer fitted with a foaming lance.

Intra Power Foam has a strong adhesive power which guarantees a long contact time with dirty surfaces ensuring that even the most stubborn grease and fat is dissolved.

Available in 22kg, 220kg and 1100kg 

Benefits include:

  • Effectively dissolves all types of grease and dirt.
  • Perfect preparation for good disinfection.
  • Strong adhesion to walls.
  • Reduces number of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Prevents spread of diseases.

A 3-5% solution of Intra Power Foam will completely cover the surface with a good compact foam.

Will adhere easily to the surface for 5 - 10 minutes without running down

Can be safely used on concrete, stone, stainless steel and plastic surfaces. (If using on aluminium or untreated steels we recommend testing a small area first.

Using our range of top quality farm prewash and DEFRA approved disinfectants we write individual protocols to aid farm biosecurity.

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