Intra Mineral Se+Vit E

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Intra Mineral Selenium + Vitamin E

Oxidative stress is a silent killer for poultry.

5 Litre Capacity

General prevention:

For a continuous supply of antioxidants

·         Continuously - 100 ml/1000L water

Heat or cold stress:

Antioxidants help to combat the negative effects of oxidative stress during temperature challenges

·         During whole period of challenge - 250ml/1000L water

·         For prevention administer 3 – 7 days a week.

Immune support/Vaccination

Antioxidants help to boost the immune system and prepare it for a challenge

·         5 days a week - 250ml/1000L water

The overproduction of free radicals which are caused by a combination of environmental, genetic and nutritional factors, can significantly increase cellular damage and negatively affect growth and performance of production animals. Oxidative stress also has the ability to lower the natural defences of the animal, resulting in them having an increased susceptibility to pathogenic attack.

Intra Mineral Se + Vitamin E is an antioxidant. It aids in strengthening the animals immune system, increased fertility and also facilitates growth and development. 
It is easy to apply just mix with water, 
Intra Mineral Se + Vitamin E is completely soluble. 

An organic combination, Intra Mineral Se+Vit E combines both vitamin E and selenium salts.

Active ingredients
1 litre of 
Intra Mineral Se+Vit E
487.5 mg Sodium selenate

Equivalent to 200 mg Selenium (Se)

400 g Alpha tocopherol

equivalent to 200 g Vitamin E

In this combination more Selenium and Vitamin E are available.

Target species

Application Method
Totally soluble in water.

Key Features of Intra Mineral Se + Vitamin E

  • Is an antioxidant
  • It aids in strengthening the animals immune system
  • Fertility is increased
  • Facilitates growth and development
  • Is completely soluble in water,
  • Non polluting of drinking water system