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Intra Chickpaper is popular in the poultry and game industry and breaks down in 2-3 days. This green chick paper 68cm wide x 220m long (2 x 220m rolls).

The first days of a chicks life are crucial for successful production. Ensuring maximum feed and water intake in the first week is imperative for a more vigorous and healthy chick.

Intra Chick Paper is rolled out under the drinkers and in the feeding areas and sprinkled with chick crumbs. As the first chicks walk on the paper it emits a rustling sound encouraging more chicks onto the paper and to the precise area where feed and water is readily available.

The paper has a roughened surface to prevent leg and claw problems and is highly absorbent to quickly soak up droppings. Therefore chicks are less likely to peck at the droppings which in turn promotes a more hygienic environment.

The Intra Chick Paper Regular is a strong and absorbent paper, however if you require extra absorbency, take a look at the Intra Chick Paper Power

Breaks down to become part of the bedding so there is no need to remove it.

68cm wide so fits most paper trough dispensers.


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