Intra Aqua Acid Mineral

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Intra Aqua Acid is a formulated blend of different quality organic acids administered via drinking water for poultry and pigs to acidify water, improving health and performance. Also contains chelated copper and chelated zinc.

  • Lowers gastric pH to create an optimal gut environment
  • Stimulates the natural immune system
  • Promotes protein metabolism, helping growth & immunity
  • Reduces post-weaning scours in piglets
  • Chelated copper supports the animal's metabolism, immune response & is anti-bacterial
  • Chelated zinc improves vitality
  • Reduces moisture levels in faeces
  • Contains propionic acid, formic acid and lactic acid which can easily be processed by poultry and pigs (contains higher levels of lactic acid than competing products)
  • Prevention of build-up of lime scale in water lines
  • Restricts growth of potential pathogenic bacteria in water lines
  • Helps to reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella and E-Coli inside the animal's gastro-intestinal tract

Protein digestion

Pepsin is the major enzyme breaking down protein; however it has an optimum pH activity in the range of 1-2. Research has shown that the addition of acids to weaner diets will reduce the pH of the stomach, duodenum and jejunum versus control diets. Therefore any decrease in the pH of the gastro-intestinal (GI) tract should have a positive effect on the activity of pepsin and improve feed digestibility. A reduction in pH should result in the increased activation of pepsinogen, the pro-enzyme of pepsin for the digestion of protein.

Reduced growth of pathogenic bacteria 

Another benefit of reduced GI tract pH is the reduced growth of pathogenic bacteria. Salmonella, Escherichia coli and Clostridium all colonize and multiply more efficiently in a more alkaline environment. In poultry a number of studies have shown crop contamination increases during pre-slaughter feed withdrawal of broiler chickens and contaminated crop contents may serve as an important source of Salmonella entry into poultry processing plants.

Prevention of lime scale in waterlines 

Water with elevated pH levels tend to contain high levels of minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium. Difficulties with high pH water include the build-up of lime scale in pipelines resulting in leaky nipple drinkers, reduced effectiveness of antibiotics and reduced availability of sanitizing agents. By acidifying the water and the subsequent reduction in pH, the limescaling of water lines is reduced and we can provide overall water quality improvements while enhancing performance.

How to use:

Add to drinking water; directly into drinkers, tanks or with a dosing pump.

Dilution rate 1 : 1000 (0.5ml - 1ml of Intra Aqua Acid Mineral per 1000ml water)

Do not exceed the maximum levels of copper and zinc in the daily ration for poultry, 25mg/kg for copper and 150mg/kg for zinc.

We always recommend using a Hydrogen Peroxide water sanitiser like Quill Water-Pure when supplementing to prevent the build up of biofilm in waterlines. Not recommended for use at the same time as wormers or vaccinations in the water.  

Available sizes: 22kg
Suitable for: Poultry, Turkeys & Pigs


Full guidance on the handling and safe storage of the product can be obtained from the safety data sheet including first aid measures and health and safety requirements.