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The most effective stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide water sanitiser available, based on a 50% Hydrogen Peroxide stabilised with silver that removes biofilm and manganese deposits from the entire watering system from the point of injection to the end of the line including tanks pipes drinkers etc. 


  • Removes organic biofilm in the whole drinking system
  • Kills bacteria, yeasts and fungi in the water
  • To be used during empty periods, but also in operational barns with animals or birds present (i.e. it is safe to be drunk at low concentrations)
  • Safe for birds, animals and equipment 
  • Passed extensive testing and registrations

When to use:-

  • Use at the end of rearing (terminal clean), prior to the arrival of new pigs, poultry or game birds to remove biofilm for a totally hygienic watering system
  • Use when poultry/animals are housed after medication/vitamins to remove biofilm and to prevent build up (i.e. it is safe to be drunk at low concentrations)

Why is cleaning water lines necessary?

To prevent the animals from getting ill due to contaminated drinking water, it is very important to remove biofilm from drinking water systems.

Adding medicines, vaccines and nutritional supplements to drinking water creates a biofilm resulting in organic pollution of drinking water. Biofilm is the breeding ground for pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition, in the biofilm, these microorganisms are often protected against disinfectants. Removing the biofilm removes 99% of all microorganisms, and pathogens will not stand a chance to protect themselves from disinfectants.

Dual action Intra Hydrocare is specially developed for cleaning and disinfection of drinking water systems and has a dual action:-

  • It removes the complete biofilm from the drinking water system
  • It disinfects the drinking water so that pathogenic microorganisms can no longer infect the animals.

It is highly effective and simple to use. Hydro care can be used to sanitise water in poultry water systems and pig water system. 

What types of animals can it be used for?

All animals and birds including pigs, cows, birds such as poultry (broilers, layers or turkeys), game birds such as partridge and pheasants.

Dilution Rate:-

1ml per 10 Litres

How to use Intra Hydrocare:-

Whether dosing a header tank or using a Stenner Pump and for cleaning whilst animals or birds are drinking the water or for doing a terminal clean, please click here for a step by step guide on using Intra Hydrocare, including Stenner Pump settings.


Hydrocare ensures clean drinking water - Piglet health

Biofilm resistance to chlorine disinfection

Other information:- 

Also available in 1 litre sizes.

Quantity discount available, please call us on 01258 818239

Testing strips to quickly check the strength of your Intra Hydrocare, such as at the end of a nipple line, are also available

Safety Data Sheet



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