Guarany Backpack Power Nebuliser 11L

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An 11 litre motor-powered backpack nebuliser with a Kawasaki engine that produces a powerful, directed fog of finely atomised disinfectant or other liquid or powder product 18 metres horizontally and 12 metres vertically.

The Guarany mist applicator comes with a variety of distribution nozzles for different flow rates. It can also be used to spray powder product and apply granules with the addition of a separate granule applicator tip accessory (sold separately - please contact us for more details). 

The power nebuliser is a powerful ally in the fight against Covid-19 and is used across the world to disinfect large spaces, both indoors and out. It is certified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) for vector (living organism eg; virus, bacteria, parasite that can transmit infectious diseases between humans or from animals to humans) control.

It also has diverse uses in pest control and horticulture where large, dense or difficult to access areas may need to be treated with products such as pesticides.