Feed Bin Kit - Black

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The Quill Feed Bin Kit converts a 45 gallon metal drum into a weatherproof feeder fitting 6 bags of feed (150KG) to eliminate the chore of daily feeding for pheasants, chickens, ducks and partridge.  Also known as a top hat and tray feeder.

Manufactured here at Quill Productions, this new and improved Feed Bin Kit includes a tray now with moulded lugs for a stable fit with the Quill Feeder Stand.

The cleverly designed feed tray allows birds to feed from the clean surface rather than the disease ridden ground whilst the large top hat provides a sheltered feeding area which keeps food dry and offers protection from birds of prey.

  •  High Capacity - Holds up to 6 bags of feed
  •  Weatherproof
  •  Labour Saving - Eliminates the need for daily feeding
  •  Feed is kept dry - avoids expensive waste
  •  Clean feeding area on plastic tray
  •  Sheltered area protects birds when feeding
  •  Strong & durable plastic
  •  Converts a 45 gallon metal drum into a weatherproof feeder
  •  Suitable for pheasants, poultry, ducks, partridge and chickens.
  • Use with the Quill Feeder Stand to raise the kit off the floor to prevent birds from scratching out the food and wasting it
  • Hat has moulded spacers for ease of stacking

Quantity discount available - please contact us

45 gallon metal drums are available separately 

Dimensions of hat: H x 29" W x 44.5"

Delivery details: These are large items and we can fit up to 17 kits on a pallet.  



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