Dome Master Drinker

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Dome Drinker for use with all types of poultry and game birds.

It can be used as a multiple drinking system or as an individual drinker. This Dome Drinker is easy to maintain and has a clear valve at the top of the drinker making it easy to see any blockages.

It is ideal for young birds as it comes with a non-slip base and often used in conjunction with our disko stands to lift the drinker out of bedding and litter.

Easy to dismantle = Easy to clean and maintain!

As this is an open water drinker, it is essential to use a specialist acid to acidify the water to help reduce bacteria and disease and therefore the reliance on anitbiotics.  We recommend the use of Intra Aqua Acid for poultry or Quill Boost Tonic for game birds whether pheasants, partridge or ducks.

Diameter: 35cm

Height: 22cm


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