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The original and best triangular nipple drinker for pheasants, partridge or ducks of all ages from chicks, poults or adults. Natural or white for use inside to see the water level. Improves bio-security by stopping cross contamination of water allowing antibiotic free game bird rearing and farming.

The Quill Drinker can dramatically enhance the health of all game birds. Chicks get off to a great start taking to the nipples immediately and with no cross contamination through the drinking water gut development is unhindered.

The Quill Drinker oscillates whilst in use reducing boredom and therefore feather pecking in all ages and types of game bird.

The Quill Drinker automatically refills using the Quill valve which keeps water in the drinker at a constant level. The level of the water in the drinker can be raised using small adjustments to the valve. The higher the water level in the drinker the higher the flow rate of the 10 nipples, can be used with water pressure between 7psi and max 20psi.

A unique feature of the Quill valve is its ability to shut off automatically and avoid the potential risk of flooding. No other valve on the market has this feature. The Quill Drinker is made of robust HDPE plastic for longevity.

  • Eliminates cross contamination of disease through drinking water

  •  Suitable for chicks and adult birds
  •  Keeps bedding dry - reduces bedding and labour costs
  • Nipples oscillate when in use encouraging drinking and reducing boredom, thus reducing feather pecking
  • Rainbow valve keeps water at a constant level
  • Strong & durable plastic
  • Approved by Defra & Freedom Food
  • Nipples spread over 80cm means less competition between birds
  • Angled sides stop birds from perching unlike bucket nipple drinkers
  • Flat, slim design for transport and storage & good visability throughout the rearing house
  • Side lugs for fixing in house or to a tripod to prevent oscillation if not required
  • Green colour stops light from penetrating the water eliminating the risk of algae growth
  • Natural colour allows the water level to easily be seen - indoor use only.

Please make sure you select the type of nipples that you require in the drop down box when ordering

Please enquire for large purchase quantity discounts

The Natural Quill Drinker  is designed for use indoors for 200/250 birds and comes complete with the Quill valve and a hanging cord.

Also available in Green for outdoor use.

Click here for the Care Guide for Quill Drinker

Click here to view the Flow Rates to choose which Nipple
Various nipple options are available (180 - IMP10022 / 360 - IMP10013 / 360 - IMP10024). Please refer to the link above to see how the water flow rate varies between different nipples. A 180 nipple only has an "up and down” action whereas a 360 nipple also has a “side to side” action.  This means although the flow rates on the 360 nipples are less than a 180 nipple, the water is easier to access from a 360 nipple and therefore it is a wetter nipple.

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