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Perbio Choc RTU Insecticide 5L


£41 Ex. VAT
£49.20 Inc. VAT

Perbio Choc RTU Insecticide is ready to use and instantly kills flying and crawling insects including red mite. Formulated to provide 3 months control after a single treatment.

  • Kills within seconds
  • Kills flying and crawling insects including red mite
  • Effective for up to 3 months after single treatment
  • Ready to use adulticide
  • 0.64% permethrin 0.63% tetramethrin
  • 5 Litre Spray
  •  BEIC approved (2018 list)

Perbio Choc RTU is also available in 1L size

How to use:

Apply 50ML of product per 6.25m² of surface or spray short bursts directly at insects.

Space treatment (fog/ulv):

Apply 0.4ml of product per cubic metre of treatable volume

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Please note: we are unable to ship liquids and aerosols overseas due to the current Government Safety Regulations. Customers from the Channel Islands, Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland please enquire!


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