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Broadshot Mixture 10KG


£55.80 VAT Free
£55.80 VAT Free

New for 2019, Broadshot Mix provides nectar for insects as well as cover and feed for game birds and wild birds.  It can be left to regenerate for a second year, saving time and money.  The types of plants in the mix have been specially selected to aid economic weed control.  May also be suitable for AB9 Winter bird food under the Countryside Stewardship Scheme (please check with your Natural England Advisor).

34% Buckwheat
17% Goldeneye Kale
10% Phacelia
8% Forage Rye
8% White Millet
7% Red Millet
7% Yellow Blossom Clover
5% Japanese Reed Millet
4% Quinoa

Sowing rate:- 15kg/ha or 6kg/acre
Sowing date:- Spring
Utilisation period:- September - February
Pack Size:- 10kg

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