Buy with us to take advantage of our buying power. As an independent game feed supplier and broker, we can obtain competitive prices from 4 different companies and help you choose which is best for your needs.  We work closely with Crown Game Feeds, Heygates, Massey Feeds and GLW Top Gun to provide feed for pheasants, partridge or ducks.  All aspects of the game bird's life and feed requirements are covered from breeder pellets, to superfine crumb, micro or mini pellets, grower pellets, release pellets or a maintenance ration for overwintered birds.

During the autumn and winter months, we can supply cracked or whole maize, with our without aniseed to help draw and hold birds in game strips or woods.

Please contact us for an informal discussion of your requirements and a bespoke quote. telephone Steve on 01258 818239 or email sales@quillprod.com

Game Feed

Crown Game Feeds

We are the sole agents for Crown Game Feeds who have built a good reputation for quality, service, performance and value.  Crown have their own farms and over 50% of the feed they make is used for their own birds so producing top quality feed to obtain the best performance is of paramount importance.  

Heygates Country Feeds

Heygates feeds are manufactured from the highest quality raw materials at Bugbrooke Mill. With over 40 years of experience, Heygates have developed the rations to be some of the best on the market.

The natural additive Avipro is included as standard across the Heygates range of grower and breeder rations. Avipro is a natural feed additive derived from yeast which improves animal health and performance. Trials have shown that Avipro reduces scouring and wet litter and mortality is lower and growth rates are improved.


Massey Feeds

Massey Country Game Feds have been formulates to meet the specific requirements of breeding and growing game birds. A family business with over 125 years experience with a reputation for investing in the latest technology, the company incorporates changes that help to compensate for the absence of Emtryl.


Top Gun Game Feed

Top Gun Game Feed is a division of GLW Feeds Limited. GLW feed has the milling experience and nutritional knowledge to manufacture the finest quality feed for game birds.All products are manufactured at the same feed mill to ensure consistently high standards. Top Gun believes that energy density is more important than crude protein. Excess protein leads to loose droppings and reduced growth. Energy dense diets ensure that birds can gain energy quickly and so need to consume less.




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