About us

We are Quill Productions, a family-run business based in Dorset, founded over 20 years ago.

The business started with an idea, looking for a positive solution to a problem resulting in the launch of our first product - the Quill Drinker.

Innovation and product development continue to be an integral part of our business today.

At Quill Productions we develop, manufacture and supply our own products, in addition to acting as a key distributor for carefully selected companies.

Where ever possible we aim to source products made in the UK. To create our Quill supplements range, we work directly with expert blenders to make our unique products, based on years of research and development.

Our long-lasting plastic productions are made using rotational moulding by us in Dorset.

From the design concept to manufacturing and finishing, involvement in the entire process enables us to offer innovative, high quality and fairly priced products, direct to those that use them.

Biosecurity, hygiene and animal welfare are some of our key areas of focus. Whilst our products are suitable for a wide range of applications, farming is at the heart of Quill and so we aim to support the industry in a positive, successful and sustainable way.

For business; for welfare; for the environment.