Hello - We are Quill Productions...

Our aim is simple - to be 'Ahead of The Game'.

We are a family run business that likes to think differently about game and farming. Why only look for solutions to problems? We want to help you prevent the problems from even existing! After all prevention is better than cure.

And we have been doing just that for over 15 years, when the first Quill Drinker was invented by our MD.

Since then we have continually strived to deliver many more innovative and pioneering products to support national and international Game and Farming businesses to become more efficient and more profitable. With a firm belief in 'Made in Britain', all Quill products are still manufactured in our Dorset HQ and complemented by a range of carefully chosen product ranges that we feel reflect the Quill aims.

Customer service is at the heart of everything we do and, although you are currently exploring our website, we love to talk to our customers and learn from them. Together with value for money, we firmly believe this is the key to building a trusting and mutual partnership that will benefit you as a Quill customer. Many of our customer phone calls have resulted in brand new products that solve and prevent problems!

So, from drinkers that prevent cross contamination to innovative and high quality biosecurity products and dosing systems that can take the headache out of adding supplements, enjoy browsing our site and don't forget to contact our friendly team of experts if you have a problem that seems to tough to tackle.


A Whole Lot of History

Take five to read our story - just to prove we are the family company we say we are!

Quill Productions was created following the design of our original innovative product, the Quill Drinker by our MD Graham Crocker. After obtaining a patent for this product that prevents cross contamination in birds, the first Drinker was sold less than a year later.

In 2003, the company bought the tooling & production rights of the Rainbow Valve, a very popular and reliable valve which had been in use for decades, and started its sister company The Country Catalogue, supplying quality shooting and countryside clothing and gifts.

All the hard work was recognised in 2004  when Quill was announced as Winners of the Farm Diversification Award at the Royal Bath and West show, and this was shortly followed by our first international order being sent to Florida.

By 2005 we became the sole importer of Intracare products from Holland to the United Kingdom.  The established Intracare product range includes water sanitisers, organic acids, supplements, disinfectants and hoof treatments; providing solutions for a range of agricultural and food production industries.

Sales really took off in 2006 and we achieved another award - the Association of British Dairy Farmers (RABDF) Prince Philip Certificate of Merit.

The decision was then taken to invest in our own plastic moulding machine, allowing us to closely monitor the quality of the products being produced, whilst keeping costs and prices at a minimum.

This allowed Graham and the Quill team to continue to invent and produce the wide range of British made product solutions you see on our website today. The Quill Midi Feeder and Vermin Trap were closely followed by the Quill Boot Dip and Trail Feeder.

Winning the RABDF silver cup award with the Quill Hoof-Spray System served to highlight the innovation of Quill's product range and this continues today with the latest inventions of the Quill Feeder Stand, Outdoor Tank Drinker, Cleaning Tank and DOC Trap.

Now celebrating 15 years of being 'Ahead of the Game' the company has grown to include many more staff.

As Director Trish Crocker remarks:

 "We believe that our family atmosphere spills over to include all our staff, creating a professional but happy environment where everyone pitches in and supports each other. As a result our staff work hard, enjoy telling people about new and innovative products and get a real kick from helping our customers. The team has gradually increased since we started in 2002 and several staff have been in their roles for over 10 years!"


The Crocker Family at the heart of Quill Productions.

Back row: Steve Crocker and Trish Crocker 
Front row: Natasha Crocker and Graham Crocker




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