Quill Cleaning Tank with lid and outlet, Water Tanks, Quill Productions

Quill Cleaning Tank with lid and outlet

  • £148.50

The Quill Cleaning Tank is ideal for soaking portable equipment such as drinkers, feeders and crates for the easiest clean. Use the Quill Cleaning Tank with SBT Liquid (we call this the fairy liquid of the game world!)  and simply fill with soiled equipment.

  • Leave to soak and then just rinse or wipe away.
  • Robust and saves time as it enable you to clean masses of equipment in one go.  Even game crates fit in.
  • The wide lip allows for a working ledge.
  • Comes with lid so the tank can be used outside without rain water diluting the solution. 
  • The tank outlet allows for easy and fast emptying. 
  • Strong and sturdy plastic - does not corrode
  • Approximately 250 litre capacity. 
  • Made exclusively by Quill Productions


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