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Hydrocare 1L

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The most effective stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide water sanitiser available.  Use to remove biofilm prior to birds/animals arrival for a totally hygienic watering system and whilst birds/animals are present to aid a healthy gut. It can also be used when poultry/animals are housed to remove residues of medication/vitamins to remove biofilm and to prevent build up.

Hydrocare is a stabilised Hydrogen Peroxide water sanitiser based on a 50% Hydrogen Peroxide stabilised with silver that removes biofilm and manganese deposits from the entire watering system from the point of injection to the end of the line including tanks pipes drinkers etc. It is highly effective and simple to use. Hydrocare can be used to sanitise water in poultry water systems and pig water system

Vet Approved  Vet Approved 

PLEASE NOTE: As a hazardous product, Hydrocare cannot be shipped abroad.

Quill Productions are proud to be the sole importer into the UK of Intracare products from The Netherlands. 

Intracare manufacture a comprehensive range of products, all meeting the highest quality requirements of farmers and the latest European guidelines.

Controlling pathogenic microorganisms impeding the welfare and performance of animals is an important pillar of their business operations. 

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