V18 Iodine Disinfectant | 1L

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Vanodine V18 iodine disinfectant is a general purpose and fast acting disinfectant suitable for all livestock, poultry and pets. DEFRA approved. 

Brilliant for smallholders, hobby hen keepers, pigeon fanciers or domestic pet owners who want a tough disinfectant in a small size to protect their animals from bacteria and disease.

Excellent value for money as a 1 litre bottle makes 250 litres of disinfecting solution.

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How to use:-

  • When using in livestock housing remove all portable equipment, litter and manure.
  • Apply at a rate of 1:250 (20 ml per 5 litres water), ensuring all surfaces are covered.
  • Allow the area to dry if possible, before replacing equipment etc., and restocking.