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Transport Crate - Game

  • £34.25

This Transport Crate for game is a red and white plastic crate with 3 doors for moving gamebirds such as pheasants and ducks. A good solid game crate with no rough edges to damage birds.

  • Top sliding door
  • End door and side door. 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Folds flat for storage

(W)22"x (H)11"x(L)37"

Weight 6.5kg.

Holds 35/50 poults.

​For good bio security practice, we recommend the cleaning of crates between use with a good quality product such as Intra Power Foam folllowed by a disinfectant such as Intra Multi Des to stop any spread of disease between release pens.  This is especially important for game farms who will visit multiple sites or different shoots with the same crates.



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