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Maggots Bucket 10KG

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Treat the source of your fly problem! Maggots is a granular larvicide that helps you to gain full and effective control of fly larvae. It is effective against a wide range of nuisance flies and can be used for most types of animal housing

The effect are deadly with long residual effect with no resistance or cross resistance.

This fly larvicidal product contains Cyromazine, a highly effective and specific growth regulator. It stops the larvae developing, breaking the fly cycle and eliminating the flies.  Maggots targets 80% of a fly's lifecycle.

Maggots granular larvicide is safe to use around livestock and has a long residual effect.  It is also easy to use; it can either be sprinkled or diluted in water and then sprayed.

Maggots larvicide is primarily used in:

  • Poultry Houses
  • Dairy and Calf Units
  • Pig Fattening and Pig Breeding Units
  • Sheep and Goat Units
  • Horse Stables
  • Dead bins
  • Refuge and Rubbish Transfer Sites

A decrease in fly population is proven to increase productivity in animal housing.

The diagram pictured depicts the life cycle of a fly at 25°C  in temperature. However, as the temperature increases the flies life cycle speeds up.

It is possible for a fly to complete its life cycle from egg to fly in 8 days at optimum conditions.

The diagram details each of the Lodi fly control products and demonstrates the stages in which the products should be used at the relevent life cycle stages. Once the Lodi range of products is applied correctly complete fly control with be achieved.

Flies cannot feed on solid matter and need to regurgitate their last meal with an enzyme to liquefy their food.

It is this process that carries and spreads diseases

Flies carry and transmit in excess of over one hundred diseases in which approximately 70 are zoonotic (a disease that normally exists in animals but that can infect humans).

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