Quill Productions are proud to be the sole importer into the UK of Intracare chemicals and products from The Netherlands. 

We have a long history of working closely with Intracare to develop products and our MD, Graham, uses Intracare products on his own farm.   Quill Productions and Intracare share a core value of contributing to the reduction of antiobiotic use in farming and developing innovative solutions for the future.

Intracare manufacture a comprehensive range of products, all meeting the highest quality requirements of farmers and the latest European guidelines. Controlling pathogenic microorganisms impeding the welfare and performance of animals is an important pillar of their  business operations.

Their new generations of disinfectants Hydrocare, Multi Des and Power Foam contribute to better animal health and better operating results for farmers.

Other Intracare products sold by Quill in the UK include a range of feed supplements such as respiratory tract enhancer, Intra Aerosol and intensive calcium and vitamins supplement, Intra Calferol.

In addition, Intracare succeeded in registering Hoof-fit Gel as a licensed veterinary medicinal product as an antibiotic free cure for digital dermatitis in cows.  The Intra Hoof-Fit range also includes Intra Repiderma, Hoof -Fit Tape, Hoof-Fit Bath and Hoof-fit Spray Liquid to tackle Digital Dermatitis. 

The plastic troughs for Intracare’s innovative cow footbath (which has a central metal grill) are manufactured by Quill Productions for Intracare, further cementing our strong relationship.  

Quill Productions and Intracare were awarded the Prince Philip Award for Research or Development in the field of Dairy Farming for the Hoof-Fit Product Range.

For more information on Intracare, please click here to visit their website.

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