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Feed Bin Kit - Black

SKU: FBK-2017


The Quill Feed Bin Kit converts a 45 gallon metal drum into a weatherproof feeder fitting 6 bags of feed (150KG) to eliminate the chore of daily feeding for pheasants, chickens, ducks and partridge.  Also known as a top hat and tray feeder.

The cleverly designed feed tray allows birds to feed from the clean surface rather than the disease ridden ground whilst the large top hat provides a sheltered feeding area which keeps food dry and offers protection from birds of prey.

  • High Capacity - Holds up to 6 bags of feed
  • Weatherproof
  • Labour Saving - Eliminates the need for daily feeding
  • Feed is kept dry - avoids expensive waste
  • Clean feeding area on plastic tray
  • Sheltered area protects birds when feeding
  • Strong & durable plastic
  • Converts a 45 gallon metal drum (available separately) into a weatherproof feeder
  • Suitable for pheasants, poultry, ducks, partridge and chickens.
  • Use with the Quill Feeder Stand to raise the kit off the floor to prevent birds from scratching out the food and wasting it
  • Hat has moulded spacers for ease of stacking
  • Tray has moulded lugs for a stable fit with the Quill Feeder Stand (available separately)
  • Dimensions of hat: H x 29" W x 44.5"

Delivery details: These are large items and we can fit up to 17 kits on a pallet.  


 If you are looking to order more than 17, please call to enquire about further quantity discounts.

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