Multi-Des GA 20L

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A very powerful gluteraldehyde farm disinfectant which kills bacteria, fungi,  viruses, yeasts and algae making it one of the most effective disinfectants available.  very popular for pig and poultry housing.

Multi-Des GA forms a coating layer on surfaces for full disinfection and has a deep penetration capacity on rough surfaces, continuing to kill bacteria on porous surfaces even after the building has dried, giving protection even during the next flock due to its residual action. 

Intra Multi-Des Disinfectant Water Droplet

  • Extremely economical 
  • DEFRA approved for poultry diseases and bird flu (1.5%)
  • DEFRA approved for general orders (2%)
  • Superb foaming adhesion and deep penetration capacity
  • Active at all temperatures, even low ones (down to -7 degrees centigrade!)
  • Effective in hard water
  • Effective in the presence of organic matter (i.e. doesn't get "burnt out" by muck)
  • Environmentally safe
  • Neutral pH so safe for equipment including stainless steel, aluminium, painted concrete, plastic and glazed tiles
  • Does not colour or stain
  • Releases very little smell or vapour.
  • Does not build up any resistance if correct dosages are used
  • Does not leave a greasy or slippery surface

A very versatile product, Intra Multi-Des GA is suitable for use in animal houses, hatchery disinfection, equipment disinfection, cooling units, storage and processing rooms and dipping baths.  It is very versatile and can be applied by spraying, foaming, fogging, foot dips and wheel baths.



Multi-Des GA is based on glutaraldehyde and 2 quat’s (meaning it is classified as a 5th generation disinfectants) with a total active substances of 375 gr/l (=37.5%), higher than many other glutaraldehyde disinfectants on the market.

Total dry matter of Multi-Des GA (actives + supporting elements to improve wetting properties and improve the surface tension) = 589 gr/l (=58.9%), again higher than many others on the market.

Extensive EU registrations:-

  • PT02 Private area and public health area disinfectant (i.e. hospitals)
  • PT03 Veterinarian hygiene (i.e. farm housing)
  • PT04 Food and feed area disinfectant (i.e. slaughterhouses)

Using our range of farm prewash and DEFRA approved farm disinfectants, we can help with all your farm biosecurity requirements.  Please call for details of our biosecurity protocols individually tailored for your farm.

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