Multi-Des GA 20L

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Dilution rate 1:49 General Orders and Avian Influenza

Intra Multi-Des GA is a very powerful farm disinfectant which is never defeated.  Multi-Des GA kills ALL viruses, including Envelope Viruses. 

It has never been beaten by bacteria, fungi or viruses making it one of the most effective farm disinfectants for poultry houses available.  

Multi-Des gives added protection, even during the next flock due to its residual action. This is due to the gluteraldehyde within the product formulation.  

The bacterial, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal effect of Intra Multi-Des GA is unique.  Multi-Des is also safer for people, animals and the environment .

  • Kills ALL viruses
  • Never been beaten by bacteria, fungi and viruses
  • Extremely economical
  • DEFRA approved farm disinfectant
  • Superb foaming adhesion and deep penetration capacity
  • Environmentally friendly, Defra Approved and safe for equipment

The dosage rate of Intra Multi-Des GA is at least 50% lower than other disinfecting products, which has multiple benefits.  Not only is it extremely economical in use, but it also allows Multi-Des to have a wide application range for daily disinfection. 

Intra Multi-Des GA is suitable for use in animal houses, hatcheries, storage and processing rooms and dipping baths.  It is very versatile and can be applied by spraying, foaming, fogging, foot dips and wheel baths. Multi-Des GA forms a coating layer on surfaces for full disinfection and has a deep penetration capacity on rough surfaces, and thanks to the Gluteraldehyde content will continue to kill bacteria on porous surfaces even after the building has dried.  Even with such a powerful effect, Multi-Des does not colour or stain  and releases very little smell or vapour.

Multi-Des GA has a neutral pH so it is environmentally friendly and safe for equipment.  Multi-Des GA is active at all temperatures and remains effective in hard water and in the presence of organic matter



Using our range of farm prewash and DEFRA approved farm disinfectants, we can help with all your farm biosecurity requirements.  Please call for details of our biosecurity protocols individually tailored for your farm.

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