Quill Productions

Quill Tank Drinker - 250L



A 250 litre nipple drinker, the Quill Outdoor Tank Drinker provides large capacity water storage and a nipple drinker for disease free hygienic water to game birds such as pheasants, partridge or ducks outside and for poultry such as chicken or turkeys.

  • Ideal for use in release pens or temporary partridge pens
  • Ideal for use on game strips, other remote areas
  • Suitable for pheasants, partridge and ducks 
  • Helps stop birds from wandering to look for water
  • Works well with organic acids
  • Fitted with 29 x 360° nipples, can be used with water pressure between 7psi and max 20psi.
  • Comes with a fitted stand
  • Can be fitted with a Ballvalve Arm & Float (available separately) and connected to the mains water
  • Comes with a filter to prevent the ingress of material when filling
  • Green to prevent algae
  • Also available in a 125 litre size 

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