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Jade Grain Bait 20KG



**Certificate Required - Please see below**

Jade Grain Bait is a highly palatable milling grade grain impregnated with the bromadiolone active is excellent for quickly controlling rodent infestations.

  • Highly palatable and used by most of the largest pest control companies
  • Kills Rats and Mice
  • For use in and around buildings
  • 20KG bag (2x 10KG)

Click Here For Safety Data Sheet


Due to legislation changes, rat baits in sizes 3KG  and over, can only be purchased if you have completed a CRRU approved course or you are a member of an approved farm assurance scheme. 

When you purchase poisons, we will contact you to request a copy of your certificate. https://www.lodi-farmsolutions.com/ This link will provide further information about gaining the required certification and the link for the online exam.

If you have completed the CRRU course:

  1. Please send (by email or by post) a copy of your certificate; AND
  2. The completed form - CRRU Approved Certificate Declaration.

If you a member of a farm assurance scheme:

  1. Please send (by email or by post) a proof of your farm assurance membership; AND
  2. The completed CRRU Aligned Farm Assurance Scheme Declaration.


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