Dairy Hoof Care

We are the UK importers of the Intra Hoof-fit range including the green Intra Hoof-fit Gel, the only antibiotic free cure for digital dermatitis or hairy wart. Proven to work, this veterinary medicine is available to buy online without prescription.

The full range of the Hoof-fit family are based on the Hoof-fit Gel, including Intra Repiderma a green aerosol spray for claws and skin, Hoof-fit Bath Liquid, Hoof-fit Spray Liquid and the Quill Hoof Spray System designed in conjunction with Ambic.

The entire range is free from carcinogenic formulin (formaldehyde), free from illegal copper sulphate, totally safe for animal and user, with no withdrawal time for meat or milk.

Fast acting, results are seen in days from this clever blend of chelated copper, zinc and aloe vera, penetrating deeply through the skin to safely kill bacteria and aid healing. Sold worldwide and used by foot trimmers and vets alike.



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