BOVIVET Mag II Extra Powerful Ruminal Magnet

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Caged cow magnet to prevent traumatic indigestion in cattle

The BOVIVET Mag II has a higher pulling resistance than a conventional magnet.

As the prevention and treatment of traumatic indigestion in cattle caused by ferromagnetic foreign bodies in the reticulum and rumen it is recommended to introduce one ruminal magnet in connection with the first insemination of the heifer or at the age of 18 months.

However, studies show that it is not enough to use one ruminal magnet to permanently prevent this disease in cattle at high risk. Administration of a new magnet is recommended four years later*).

The BOVIVET magnet is effective in the treatment of traumatic indigestion due to its ability to retract and isolate foreign bodies of ferromagnetic material. The magnet attracts any swallowed metal such as bits of wire and nails.

The special grooves of the plastic cage trap the foreign bodies, preventing them from penetrating the soft wall of the reticulum or rumen and causing damage.

The magnets have the correct size, shape and weight to offer maximum protection and cure against traumatic indigestion The right length and deep grooves in the plastic cage provide extra protection from sharp, uneven pieces