Ultra Dri Powder (25KG) - Disinfectant

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Quill Ultra Dri Powder is a fast acting very powerful, ground dry sanitising powder which contains a broad spectrum Defra approved disinfectant (BioVX)  killing most pathogens in poultry within 5 minutes.

  • Acts as a very powerful, 'drying up' ground sanitising powder disinfectant on the bedding and in the pen, cubicle or stable
  • Contains a Defra approved disinfectant (BioVX)   which is effective in cases of foot and mouth disease and avian flu
  • Absorbs moisture to reduce cell counts
  • Quickly reduce ammonia smell and other noxious gases leaving a pleasant smell
  • Improves consistency of slurry
  • Extremely effective in bedding areas, even working in contact with bedding and waste

Suitable for use with all types of livestock: in game as a release pen powder, in pigs, cattle and as a poultry disinfectant powder and is safe for chicken coops making it suitable for commercial flocks and those keeping backyard chickens. It can also be used as a nest box powder as it is a dry sanitiser. It is safe to put into compost, but can make the compost slightly alkaline.

  • Non irritant, does not burn like lime does and does not dry the skin
  • Ideal in passage ways and movement areas
  • Remains active for up to 1 week
  • Can be applied by hand or by a blower
  • Ideal nest box powder disinfectant and for disease control in breeding pens and brooding pens

Suitable as a release pen powder and in rearing fields, the natural formula is activated by moisture and will break down over time

Simple to use - Remove soiled bedding and simply sprinkle onto the housing floor before adding bedding, whether straw, shavings or sawdust. Carefully formulated to be suitable for flooring with or without matting of all types.



General ground sanitising powder including loose housing equine & poultry: 100g/m

Cows : 75g cubicle per day

Calves: 60-100g/calf pen

Pig Housing: 100g/m

Lambing Pens : 50g animal

Game release pen powder: 50-100g/m

Also available Quill Ultra Dri Powder EXTRA - a ground sanitising powder with 3 times the absorbency and ammonia smell reduction.

Using our range of top quality farm prewash, defra approved disinfectants and ground sanitising powders we write individual protocols to aid farm biosecurity.

* Quantity discount pallet price available on the purchase of 40 + bags *

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