Quill Lyte Plus

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Quill Lyte Plus is a combination of glucose, balanced ionised salts and vitamins to assist with the prevention of dehydration, to replenish body fluids, provide a quick energy boost and restore resistance.  

Helps to reduce dehydration in birds (fantastic in times of heat stress or hot weather) and helps to reduce starve out in newly hatched chicks, therefore reducing losses and mortality. 

Also use during and after bitting of game birds for a period of 24/48 hours.

Suitable for all bird types, all ages and all drinker systems.

GMO Free

Directions for use: 5ml  per 1 Litre of clean drinking water

Recommendations: Follow with Intra Hydrocare to sanitise water pipes and prevent bio-film

Quill Boost Tonic can also be added to the drinking water at the same time.

Vet Approved  Vet Approved 

Available in 1L and 5L

For quantity discount select 5L - Box of 4, priced at £28 each, £109.2 total (ex VAT)





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