Intra Mineral Zinc | Pig & Poultry Supplement

Intra Mineral Zinc

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Intra Mineral Zinc is a highly concentrated liquid supplement which can easily be administered to pigs and poultry through the drinking water.  It can also be mixed with feed (see below for dilution rate).

  • A mixture based on an organic form of zinc
  • Easily absorbed in the small intestine
  • Supports & strengthens the immune system
  • Optimises the quality of claws and feathers
  • Promotes fertility
  • Improves condition of skin tissue
  • Accelerates tissue recovery
  • Effective at low dosages, so cost effective
  • Water soluble

Intracare has formulated Intra Mineral Zinc to resolve any deficiencies caused by the intensive production of livestock. Due to its formulation, it can withstand the acidic environment of the stomach and can reach the small intestine where it is absorbed. 

"The organic structure of the body prevents the absorption of metal ions, whereby a large portion of these materials are excreted with the dung. Intracare packs these materials into an organic 'jacket', whereby the body can deal with these minerals much more effectively. This means that a relatively low dosage can still achieve maximum results"

Dilution Rate: 
50-600 ml of Intra Mineral Zinc per 1,000 Litres of drinking water (containing 5-60 ppm zinc).

In liquid feed, 75% of the drinking water amount is dosed. (100 ml per 1,000 l of drinking water = 75 ml per 1,000 kg of liquid feed).

Can be used on a daily basis.

Mixing with other products:

Can be used in conjunction with other supplements, even Aqua Acid when diluted in the drinking water and is effective in acidic environments up to pH 2.5.

The Intra Minerals are manufactured under GMP, HACCP conditions and comply with EU legislation for Animal Feeds.

If you would like some guidance regarding the dosage of any of our products, please do get in touch. Part of our service includes the creation of a bespoke water program, FREE of charge, for Quill Productions customers upon request.



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