Hydrocare, the foundation to success

Hydrocare, the foundation to success

Water, whether it comes from the mains, bore hole or river, is the foundation for any farm and therefore it is essential for the water that is consumed by the livestock, to be of the highest quality to give them the best start and reduce the risk of losses. However, looks can be deceiving.


Bacteria, mould and algae are always present in source water and to reduce the risk of damaging livestock the water should be treated. Many think that an antibiotic will eliminate these risks, but in some cases certain moulds and algae can actually increase with antibiotic use and with increased bacteria in the water, biofilm will occur and potentially block your water system.


Treating the water before it gets anywhere near your pigs or poultry is the answer and we recommend Hydrocare. Hydrocare is proven to clean the water, removing any biofilm and is not detectable by livestock so does not affect the consumption. Giving your livestock the best foundation of clean water actually has proven results. Below are figures based on a trial conducted with piglets and then on sows.


  • On piglet performance (on total 23.442 piglets weaned):

ü  the average born piglets alive per litter increases by 3%

ü  the percentages piglet deaths pre-weaning has been decreased from 8,2% to 7,1%

ü  average weaning weight is 500 gram heavier

  • On sow performance:

ü  an increased farrowing rate

ü  on average 1.5 more piglets weaned annually per sow

  • In general:

ü  water remains crystal clear resulting in a higher daily water consumption

ü  improved health status at the farm allowing a good reduction of the amount of treatments


(Click Here for full article on the trial results)

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