Trial Confirms Hoof-Fit Better than Healmax and Tetracycline

Trial Confirms Hoof-Fit Better than Healmax and Tetracycline

A trial has found Hoof-fit Liquid is better at reducing digital dermatitis in dairy cows than HealMax or Tetracycline.

Digital dermatitis is a very painful bacterial condition suffered by dairy cows mainly in the winter.  It causes red, raw and often bleeding sores mainly on the back of cows’ feet.  You can often spot a cow with digital dermatitis because it will be lame and hobbling, in obvious pain. 

Treatment with antibiotics such as CTC spray can be used but then the milk cannot enter the food chain.  Due to this financial cost of this, as well as the need to reduce antibiotic usage, farmers need an alternative treatment in the milking parlour. 

Thankfully the answer lies with the Intra Hoof-fit range.  Trials have previously proven the effectiveness of Hoof-fit Gel and Repiderma Aerosol Spray, but a study by the University of Calgary Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has confirmed that Hoof-fit Liquid was far more effective than competitors HealMax and Tetracycline at reducing the digital dermatitis lesions.

Calgary University Trial finds Hoof-fit more effective than healmax and Tetracycline

Antibiotic free Hoof-fit Spray Liquid from Intracare, has the same ingredients as the Hoof-fit Gel, the only antibiotic free cure for digital dermatitis.  Hoof-fit Spray is a unique concentrated hoof care liquid for easy, targeted application, costing less than 10p per cow per week.

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