Reducing Antibiotic Usage in Game Birds

Reducing Antibiotic Usage in Game Birds

I am delighted with the news in the recent joint communication reports that antibiotic use in the game industry has fallen by 51% over the last 2 years. I have been championing better bio-security and the use of nipple drinkers to reduce antibiotic usage for over 15 years since I invented the Quill Nipple Drinker when Emtryl was being banned.

I have seen a marked change in the industry from game farmers to vets where attitudes have changed from not caring about good husbandry and water programs because why bother when antibiotics are available and shockingly by some vets, money to be made out of them? 

Now most people have embraced nipple drinkers of one type or another and water acids and sanitisers to kill bacteria and improve health (an absolute must if you haven't been converted to nipple drinkers yet). Of course there will still be times where they have to be used for bird welfare but at least it is now as a last resort than than an everyday crutch for bad management and practices.

If you haven't embraced a water program yet, why not? It doesn't have to cost the earth and is a lot cheaper than antibiotics. Want to rear antibiotic free at only 3p per pheasant poult? Contact us to find out more.


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