Rat baits and poisons - top tips from a Pro

Rat baits and poisons - top tips from a Pro

At Quill Productions, we stock rat baits and poisons which are the choice of professionals.

Last week, one of the local pros popped in to stock up on supplies and shared some of his top tips and thoughts on rat baits.

His regularly buys from the Ruby, Jade and Sapphire ranges which are part of the Lodi Gems group. 

For ongoing control of rats, he uses the large 20kg sacks of Ruby Grain (difenacoum) or Jade Grain (bromadiolone) placed inside rat bait boxes.  He recommends switching between Ruby and Jade every few months to prevent resistance building up so that both remain effective rat and mice killers.

For tough infestations, he uses Sapphire rat poison which is a brodifacoum bait and kills rats and mice after a single feed.  You can get either Sapphire Paste or Sapphire Grain.  Which one you use is down to a personal preference of ease of use (both contain the same brodifacoum active ingredient).  If using the paste sachets then ideally these should be secured within a rat bait box by placing the skewer inside the bait box through the sachet.

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